Ernest Hemingway advised to "write drunk; edit sober." Consider me your designated reader.

Here are the services I offer for works of non-fiction: 


If you're in-process with your book and would like my full input, we'll call that an edit. We'll email back and forth. I'll offer rewrites for tricky sections. We'll talk about ways to strengthen your writing, and we'll argue about sections you really want to keep but probably should cut. It'll be good fun, promise. 

copy editing

If you want your material edited for correctness, clarity, and effectiveness: that's copy editing. You give me the whole manuscript and I return it with my markups and suggestions. 

creative editing

Creative editing is much more extensive than an edit or copyedit. If I'm writing from a blank page while referencing your material, I call that a creative edit. (It's kind of like ghost writing, but not as creepy sounding.) For example: I've taken a 400-page manuscript, cut out 50 percent, and rewritten what was left from the blank page. I've taken the transcripts from several sermons and written them into chapters around a central theme. Creative editing projects are so individual that it's best to talk specifics and get some sample pages going back and forth.