"Joy was professional, insightful, and went above and beyond to truly understand my book and writing style so she could edit with my heart and purpose in mind. I’d recommend her services to anyone. She will definitely help your writing project be the best that it can be."

Dugan Sherbondy, speaker and author of Never Alone 

You can visit Dugan's website here, or the book's website here.

"I worked with Joy to produce my memoir in 2014. Joy was fabulous in her approach, and her editing skills brought my book to life. The way she intertwined the story was absolutely fantastic. I didn’t think I would find an editor who would be able to produce such a high quality piece of work but Joy exceeded my expectations. I receive all the credit for writing my book but it’s Joy who actually took the project to a level that I could not achieve. Since its release, The Last Seven Pages has twice reached the number one spot on Amazon in its category... a direct testimony of Joy's contribution to the project."

James Pinnick, speaker and author of The Last Seven Pages 

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Last year Joy Neal edited my memoir, A Harsh Wind blows Always from the East. Joy was wonderful to work with. She is meticulous in her method and communicates with copious sidebars, which I found very helpful. I hope that she will find the time to edit my next book.

Sigrid Weidenweber, author of A Harsh Wind Blows Always from the East

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